A Job Unlike Any Other…

Video Transcript

Narrator: With the holidays fast approaching and more trucks on the road than ever delivering packages, the team at parts for trucks thought they had seen it all. That is until last week.

Service Writer: I wasn’t quite sure what needed to be done. The customer wasn’t really clear on the issues.
Customer: The dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree. It sure looks pretty but doesn’t drive very well.

Service Writer: Little guy seemed to be in a rush, so I put one of my techs on it right away.

Service Tech: It was one of the weirdest jobs I’ve done, from when I opened the door, the stack of textbooks on the seat so the customer could see over the window was one thing, but the steering wheel, that was another. The first thing was to take a look under the hood. Have you ever heard of an engine that is measured in reindeer power?

Service Tech: Because I sure haven’t. So I plugged in a diagnostic tool. All that came up was a fireplace and Christmas music. It wasn’t very useful. So I decided to check the fuel system, which I thought it ran off Diesel. It doesn’t. It runs off “holiday cheer”, which is eggnog and rum, from what I can tell you. Next was an oil change.

Service Tech: Hey, boss, you’re going to want to see this one. It ain’t oil. It’s hot chocolate.
Service Tech: I need six litres of hot chocolate.

Parts Counter: You need what?

Service Tech: I know, I know. There’s more. I need eggnog and rum too. So the last thing I had to check with some electrical in the back of the truck.

Narrator: With the truck checked top to bottom and only a few damaged presents along the way. Parts for trucks. The newest customer was ready to hit the road once more.

Service Writer: Okay, so it’s all fixed. The only thing we couldn’t fix is the gingerbread light in the dash because we honestly don’t know what it means.

Customer: Great. You guys saved me a big headache, if I don’t make this delivery in time, the big man isn’t going to be very impressed.