Corrosion – Lighting’s Worst Enemy

By: Parts for Trucks 


A little preventive maintenance before the snow flies will go a long way to minimize your lighting problem this winter.

Corrosion is one of the biggest threats to your lighting system. Lubricating vital areas will prevent poor connections from being created by moisture and salt.

Sockets, pigtails, battery terminals and connections can and should be lubricated with a non-conductive anti-corrosion compound. A liberal amount of this lubricant will encapsulate the connections and protect them against corrosion.

CAUTION: While the use of a pointed probe to test wiring makes troubleshooting an easy job, it also invites failure down the road. Piercing the insulating of a wire exposes the metal strands, allowing moisture and corrosion to travel along the wire and create a poor contact.

If you do use a pointed probe for testing, be sure to seal the puncture immediately.