Hydraulic Reservoir Cooling with the APSCO ARC-30

By: Dave H


Hi, it’s Dave, from Parts for Trucks. I’m here today to talk about the ARC-30 from ASPCO. The ARC-30 stores, cleans, and cools your hydraulic oil and replaces the traditional bulky hydraulic reservoirs you see here. With more emissions components being added to the truck chassis, the space normally used to mount a larger reservoir like this one, is becoming harder to find. The ARC-30 uses only eight inches of frame space and weighs significantly less because it uses four gallons of hydraulic fluid, where 30 was needed before. With a gallon of hydraulic fluid weighing 7.2 pounds, we’re reducing the weight by just over 250 pounds, depending on the amount of fluid you carried in your traditional system. This is weight that you can now use to carry a larger payload. The ARC-30 is a good fit for any type of petroleum transfer truck like a home heating oil truck, propane truck or operate a compressor to pressurize a tanker.

The system still uses a traditional PTO and a gear pump, receiving its cooled oil from the ARC-30 unit and supplies it downstream to our control valve. The control valve determines the speed and direction of the hydraulic motor that’s connected to your product pump. Again, that could be on an oil truck, or a tractor designed to haul propane trailers. And of course, the oil is returned back to the ARC-30 for cooling before it begins its next cycle. So to summarize, the ARC-30 allows you to use less hydraulic oil saving on the weight, which in turn saves on your fuel.

Cooling the oil recovers approximately 20 horsepower from your system, further adding to your savings through reduced parts wear. And of course, the weight saved can be added to your payload. Storage, cooling and cleaning in one, the ARC-30 does it all.

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