Meet Sam

Video Transcript

They’re delivering all the products and keeping all the essential stuff that everybody needs in the stores. But we’re the people keeping the trucks going and the trailers going so they do all those deliveries and bring all those essential needs to the stores or deliver to what they need to deliver. So, it’s a good feeling to know that you’re in the background helping to make that really happen. Hi, my name is Sam LeBlanc and my position is daytime foreman. One of the best thing is just the morning coming in the morning, opening the shop and greeting al the guys and just chit chatting before everybody goes to work. That’s a big part of the, part of the day. And when you’re teaching the younger kids or the people that are going through the blogs and learning, seeing them succeed through their jobs and what they do, it’s pretty good feeling do when you’re part of it and helping them out.

When I first started, my goal was to get my, my license, my red seal in truck and trailer. And when I sat down in my interview, that’s what, that was one of my goals. That’s what Part for Trucks told me that they were going to help me with and that’s what happened. Never worked on trucks at all. So they put me through the program, got my red seal, my ticket, license and everything, and then I saw the opportunity to do for growth. So to maybe be a higher position and be a mentor to the kids that are coming in for apprentices and stuff. So when I got my license, the opportunity for foreman came up. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity and got the got the night foreman.

Sam came to us as a licensed automotive technician looking for something a little bit different. He joined our team, he excelled really quickly at it. He enrolled into the program, He went in and finished his blocks up on the truck and transport side. Sam quickly transitioned over to a night shift foreman and in a very short period of time he became our dayshift foreman.

It is basically part of my job, I’ve got it, I got to be the one overseeing all the apprentices that are working under me. When stuff leaves the door, I basically got to have my stamp of approval saying that it’s good to go.

I think parts of the trucks is a great place to work. It’s a good atmosphere. Most of the guys that I’ve met in our branch or other branches are good to deal with, if someone has a problem, it’s not a personal problem here. If someone else can help from another branch, everybody helps out. So it’s like a big family spread out all over, which is great if you run into technical issues or issues in the shop that anybody can help. Nobody’s keeping information from anyone, so it’s like a great, big, happy family.

It’s great. It’s hard to find that atmosphere in shops where you work. Usually, it’s a this is our issue, our secret, No one’s going to know about it. We’re going to keep it to ourselves. But I found that at Parts for Trucks here, It’s like if we can help the guy beside us or our Saint John or Dartmouth doesn’t matter where everybody’s on board help out. so it’s great.