Our New Colleague is… different

Video Transcript


So we hired a new guy a few weeks ago. He was pretty quiet during the interview, but we were so shorthanded in the warehouse, we decided to give him a try anyway.

So, Michael, what can you tell me about yourself? Okay, but can you tell me what makes you qualified for the position?

So the new guy, he doesn’t quite fit in around here. For example, at lunchtime, we’ll go throw a football around the courtyard, and he just doesn’t quite get it.

I taught him everything he knows about working in a warehouse. I taught him how to drive the forklift, how to pick orders, how to talk to customers. And you know what? All he wants to do is keep open the boxes.

I even bought him his own tools, you know, a nice X-Acto knife. And of course, he says no, I just got my own tools I can use.

I processed six filter returns since last week, since the new guy started at the warehouse. Returns happened, but this is getting ridiculous.

Look, Michael, you’ve been here for a little over a week now, and we’re not getting the quality of work that we were expecting. We’re going to have to let you go effective immediately.