The Complete Guide to Fisher Plow Accessories

By: Leigh M

Cleaning up after a snowstorm is easy with the
help of Fisher and Parts for Trucks.

A plow and a spreader are critical pieces of a snow clearing operations. But you can get more from your equipment by customizing it with accessories. This list was put together to give you a snapshot of what can be added or upgraded to your fisher equipment to get maximum efficiency from your purchase.

Plow Accessories

Your new plow has just rolled out of one of our service centres and you are eagerly awaiting the first snowstorm of the season to put it to the test. The only thing that could make your plow better are some plow accessories. We’re here to give you a full rundown of accessories you can get for your Fisher Snow plow.

Blade Guides  

This is a must have accessory for any plow owner, by securing these two thin tubes to the edges of your blade, the driver is able to confidently see where the plow is and avoid mistakes or accidents caused by not knowing exactly where the plow is.

Blade Stop Kit  

Get the longest service life possible with the help of a blade stop kit. This kit is installed on both the blade and the frame and transfers extreme impacts through the frame instead of through the hydraulic rams giving them a longer life.

Back Drag Edge

Looking for a cleaner finish? A back drag edge might be what you are looking for. Made from 0.25” steel, the Fisher back drag edge sits underneath your cutting edge and gets all the snow that your blade might miss leaving you with a clean surface and a happy customer.

Snow Deflectors

Do you like to see where you are going while driving? Thought so! Plow deflectors sit on the top of your blade and knocks down snow and Ice that would otherwise come off the top. Fisher Plows offer 3 versions of deflectors:

  1. A standard rubber deflector in both 10” and 18” widths.
  2. The Snofoil which is made of steel and offers a curved design to roll the snow back in front of the plow.
  3. Standard steel deflector, this model works to maintain visibility like the others but has the bonus of creating a taller blade which allows you to stack snow higher than before.

Snowplow Shoes

Snow removal on soft surfaces requires a shoe kit. These shoes protect your cutting edge by lifting it off the ground high enough to avoid damage from gravel or uneven surfaces. While not recommended, they can be used on concrete too, but you can expect a shorter lifespan as they will wear down much quicker rubbing against the pavement.

Curb Wear Kit

These are similar to plow shoes, but they sit on the edges of the blade and protect it from the curb. Fisher Plows offers a range of curb wear kits, but they are specific to your model of plow, make sure you are purchasing the right kit for your application.

Wing Extensions

Need to move more snow? A set of wing extensions might be just what you need. They attach to the ends of your plow to increase the carrying capacity of your blade. Fisher offers wing extensions on their XV2, XtremeV, HD2, HDX and TRAILBLAZER UTV V plows.

Replacement Cutting Edge

A fresh cutting edge is important for efficient snow removal. There are different types of cutting edges to choose from, Fisher offers:

Steel Cutting Edge

This is your workhorse, steel blades are strong, rigid, and hard, meaning you will get a longer service life. Steel blades are also great for hard-packed ices and snow as it can cut straight through to the concrete and give you a clean pass.

Poly Cutting Edge

Polyurethane blades are a gentler edge and are great for removal of fresh snow or slush. They are quieter than a steel edge and will glide over frozen gravel in a way that a steel edge cannot. Poly edges are also easier on the road surface and is less likely to damage driveway finishes or sealants that may be applied to it.

Rubber Cutting Edge

Rubber edges fall in the same category as poly blades, softer, quieter a less damaging but one advantage to a rubber blade is when you are clearing snow from an uneven surface. The rubber conforms to any hills or valleys meaning you will get a cleaner pass. Rubber cutting edges are also effective at removing lingering moisture. It creates a strong seal with the ground and pushes and excess water off the pavement reducing the risk of frozen driveways and parking lots.

Carbide Cutting Edge:

If you find yourself going though steel edges quicker than you would like, a carbide edge may be a good fit for you. Carbide edges offer many of the same benefits of a steel edge but will last much longer than a steel blade.

Heavy Duty Lift Ram

Need a bit more lifting force? Your plow can be fitted with a bigger hydraulic ram giving you more lifting force when clearing lots of snow.

Beyond these major accessories, you will also find many smaller, quality of life accessories such as controller mounts, plow covers, paints and emergency repair kits. All play an important role in keeping you on the road and the cashflow coming in. Hydraulic fluid and grease are also important to replenish on a regular basis to prevent damage and extend the service life of your equipment.

Spreader Accessories

Look at you with your freshly kitted out snowplow! You are power faster and cleaner than ever but moving the snow is only half the battle. Your salt spreader is not a piece of equipment to forget about, it is a great service to offer, and investing is the proper accessories will maximize its service-life.

Side Extensions

If you’re looking to carry more salt, then a set of 6” side extensions might be what you are looking for. These extensions fit the Fisher Steel-Caster spreaders and can prevent unnecessary trips back to the yard to pick up more salt.

Inverter V Kit

The inverted V kit sits at the bottom of your hopper just above the auger to reduce the weight sitting it. This creates less strain on startup and will increase the longevity of your spreader motor and material delivery system.

Spill Guard

If you have a steel spreader, a spill guard kit is a terrific addition. These wings hang off the front and back of the spreader preventing overflow when loading the spreader.

Pre-Wet System

Pre-wet systems are all about efficiency and making better use of your salt. The system sprays down the salt just before it leaves the spreader activating it as it hits the ground. Pre-wetting salt starts the reaction that allows you to melt ice faster. It is so efficient in fact; it can reduce the amount of salt you need to apply by up to 30%


See and be seen! Work lights and warning lights are a terrific addition to any spreader or truck. Parts for Trucks offers many brands of lights that will fit on your spreader including lights from TRUX, Grote, Truck-Lite and Fleetsaver.

Vibrator Kit

A simple but important addition to any spreader, is a vibrator kit. Once mounted to the outside of your spreader, the motor will shake the unit and keep the material in the hopper free-flowing and prevent jams caused by larger clumps of material.

Central Point Grease Kit

Maintenance made easy. The central point grease kit moves all the grease points to the back of the spreader so you can easily and efficiently top up the grease in minutes.

Parts for Trucks is Atlantic Canada’s Exclusive Fisher plow dealer. We sell and service all fisher plows, spreaders, and other fisher products. If you are interested in any of the accessories mentioned or are looking for new snow and ice control equipment, visit us in store or online here