The Roundup for May ’22

Video Transcript

Hello. I’m Jake. This is Parts for Trucks Roundup, and we’re here selling some cool new sh –

First off, what is Parts for Trucks Roundup. We’ll be sharing what’s new and exciting for parts for trucks each month and a short video format.
We are now, Milwaukee tools at all of our locations, power tools, hand tools, batteries, and almost every socket under of the sun.

If you’re in the market for a new tool, pay us a visit, we should have what you need. We’re pretty excited about this launch. So we’re giving away three Milwaukee jobs radios and you’ll receive one entry for every Milwaukee purchase made during the month of May. If you’re not visiting or under the hood blog, you’re missing out on some great content.

In April, we released our third video of the hub-piloted wheel system where our expert job goes over the proper assembly steps and things to keep an eye out for. We also sat down with Jamie, who gave us a demo of the Jal Test diagnostic tool. Links to both videos are in the description below. Please check them out after this video.

What about the flyer? We have you covered there too May’s promos are all about PTO and truck mounted hydraulics, electrical repair, consumables, oils, and lubricants. Check it out online. That’s what is happening at Parts for Trucks this month. Be sure to stay up to date with everything we do by following us on Facebook or YouTube. And be sure to catch next month’s roundup, we’ll have something that is going to take your summer to the next level.

Wheel End Assembly

in Less than 5 Minutes

Jaltest Demo 

The Multibrand Diagnostics Tool