The Roundup for April 2023

Video Transcript

It’s the unofficial start to trucker-tan season. So roll down your window, roll up your sleeve and check out what’s happening this month at Parts for Trucks.

Time to give your ride a spit-shine. Don’t let it be a mud-splattered mess. Wipe winter’s grime off and give your truck the love it deserves. With spring cleaning chemicals like Spray Nine or the popular Wicked polish, both in this month’s flyer. Moving from big trucks to little trucks. When you purchase $150 or more of Permatex products, you’ll receive a free RC truck.

Great for kids or yourself. We don’t judge. Want more from your Jal-test equipment? Upgrade your support license to tier II and unleash the true potential of your equipment. Details below. Curious about using Jal-test in your shop. Check out this video next. International Road Check week is fast approaching from May 16 to the 18th. The CVSA is paying special attention to ABS and cargo securement during their inspections.

If you need some new straps or your ABS system needs some work, there is still time to get that corrected. And we have what you need, visit us in-store or online starting today until the sixth. The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety is celebrating Safety Week. Check out their free virtual activities by visiting their website. Details below.
Be sure to check out the May flyer safety gear. Dump body components, electrical, wheel end and more are all on sale this month. Link in the description below. Thanks for tuning in. Stay safe and remember to check out next month’s update. We have big news for you.