Montreal & Cornwall – All System Go!

By: Parts for Trucks 

Montreal and Cornwall are undergoing a significant transition as they integrate into the Parts for Trucks network. Although the changes may not be immediately apparent from the outside, the process has already begun. Over the past few weeks, the team at Parts for Trucks has been working closely with both branches, coordinating the shift from Fleet Brake’s systems to the Parts for Trucks systems. This transition encompasses a wide range of tasks, including inventory management, payroll systems, and comprehensive training on new business processes. The employees at the Cornwall and Montreal locations have embraced this transition, and they are now successfully operating on the Parts for Trucks system. 

The integration of these stores into the Parts for Trucks system has notable advantages. With the inclusion of these locations in our centralized inventory system, they now can access resources and receive support from other Parts for Trucks locations, as well as the distribution centre. As a result, these locations will enjoy regular deliveries from our distribution centre, ensuring an increased range of parts and more inventory availability. Furthermore, customers can expect a more efficient service, as they will receive their parts faster than ever before. 

While operating on the Parts for Trucks system, the Cornwall and Montreal branches are still in the process of updating their external image. In the upcoming weeks, new signs, uniforms, and vehicle decals will be delivered. Once this rebranding initiative is complete, Cornwall and Montreal will be officially recognized as Parts for Trucks locations, fully representing the seamless integration and commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers. 
In the coming weeks, you’ll also see the rollout of French branding for Parts for Trucks, or “Pièces pour Camions”. This project has been keenly awaited, as some of our New Brunswick locations are primarily French ; now with a location in Quebec, the decision was made to officially move forward with the proper French branding.  

Overall, the transition from Fleet Brake to Parts for Trucks is well underway in Montreal and Cornwall. The extensive efforts involved in this process, including system integration, training, and rebranding, demonstrate Parts for Trucks’ dedication to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring a streamlined operation across all branches. 

If you have questions or concerns about the transition, please contact your local Fleet Brake/Parts for Trucks representative.