The Cold Facts of Winter Operation

By: Parts for Trucks 

Winter operation can really be tough! It challenges both driver and equipment. How much you know about it and how well you’re prepared will determine just how tough it really will be.

For example did you know:

Your air compressor outputs 4-6 oz. of water during an average day’s operation. During winter operation that can really spell trouble for an air brake system.

An ice crystal the size of a pin head can cause an air leak large enough to drain the air from an average size service reservoir in less than 10 minutes.

The average road call costs in excess of $125.00. Beyond the actual cost of a road call, there are a number of costs that are difficult to value. Items like; loss of time and use of the vehicle, disappointed customers and the list goes on.

Even a very small amount of water, less than a teaspoon, can freeze and disable a portion of your air brake system and at highway speeds, with the temperature at -4C that can happen in under 15 minutes.

That air, in an unprotected brake system, is always 100% saturated with water vapor. That means that even a 1-degree drop in temperature will cause condensation to occur in the system. Not just in the reservoirs but the lines and valves in the system.

A properly installed and maintained air dryer pays its way by eliminating winter operation worries. It’s your cold weather insurance.