The Roundup for October 2023

Video Transcript

 And in the dead glow of his headlights, he saw a massive spectral figure emerge from the darkness. It was a towering, ghostly truck with rusted chains hanging from its chassie and its headlights were nothing but empty sockets. It’s the spookiest Roundup of the Year.

Our newest parts for trucks Cornwall, Ontario, located just off the 401 Cornwall, is positioned in a high traffic corridor and the team there are ready to serve you and your fleet. The branch is the very definition of small but mighty, but a small store doesn’t mean a small inventory. Cornwall has plenty of parts on site and with support from our warehouses in Montreal and Ottawa, you are part is never more than a day or two away.

If you haven’t visited our Under the Hood blog lately, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got a wealth of news, videos, invaluable tips and expert tricks waiting for you. Don’t miss our latest article where we dive into the rules and regulations regarding tire chains in Canada. Plus, explore this month’s features championship. Foolproof Advice for Wheel bearing Installation.

Did someone say BOGO?

We’re extending our BOGO Mudflap promotion into October! When you buy a Parts for Trucks mud flap, you’ll receive a second mudflat for free, Pick yours up today.

And don’t forget the flyer. We’re featuring shop tools, wipers, wheel ends and more. Check out the link in the description below. Also, if you haven’t watched this pumpkin spice video we did last year. Do that now, it was a fan favorite! Catch you next month for the November roundup.