What You Should Know BEFORE Buying Tire Chains

It’s no secret Winter driving sucks. So we’re driving headfirst into the world of tire change. It’s Grant from Perth for trucks, and we’re ready to unravel the mysteries of the humble tire change. First, we’re going to break down the parts of the chain. Then we’ll check out the different types available. And lastly, we’re going to take a look at what chains you need to master your driving conditions.Let’s get into it. So chain styles may vary, but the core components remain the same. Let’s jump in and explore the anatomy of a tire chain. First up is a side chain. This isn’t just any chain. It holds those cross chains and a snug embrace and adds a tension you need. It’s like a steel handshake. But more intense, you can get them in different steel types and sizes, everything from mild to wild.

Next is the big gun. The cross chain. The cross chain is the workhorse of the whole assembly. It comes in different styles, lays across the tire and give you the extra traction you’re looking for. Do wheel action. No problem. Enter the center rail. This component sits right between the tires, giving your setup a solid foundation, preventing those chains from making a surprise escape.

We’ve got the boomer also known as the Fastener. This is the piece that connects the two ends of the side chains. But these aren’t just any connections. Oh, no. They’re designed to crank up the tension when you tighten them down. Next is a C hook. This guy connects the inside chain for singles and triples. But the C hook isn’t about adding tension.

It’s all about holding the rail in place without adding pull. Less tension here means more stability. But hold on to your lug nuts because we’re not done. Next is the can lock. Need extra tension on the outside chain. Spin those cams and bam these guys reduce the chains length. Making sure it’s hugging those tires tighter than your grandma sweater.

But we haven’t even spilled the beans. I’m one of the best accessories you can get. Wheeled pensioners can make your tire chains last up to a whopping 25% longer. So here’s the deal. These tension is cozy up and keep the chain right where it belongs. Snug against the tire and multiple points. But that’s not all. They actively counter the centrifugal force, which is always playing tug of war with your chains, trying to pull them away from the wheel.

The result? They prevent your chains from slapping on the road, saving unnecessary wear and tear. Say goodbye to the steel and road symphony and hello to a smoother, longer lasting chain experience. All right, Now that you understand the anatomy of the chain, let’s break down the different flavors of cross chains and break down what they bring to the table.

Starting off, we’ve got the classic twist leg chains. These guys offer decent traction and durability and are crafted from carbon steel. These chains are best suited for the asphalt jungle. Keep them on the road and they’ll treat you right. Next up, we’ve got the square link. So these bad boys are one of our most popular options and mean business and both on road and off road situation.

What’s the secret sauce, you ask? It’s the square edge. It sinks into the road surface, turning up the traction for a smoother ride. So next we have the V bar femur change, or the aggressive go getters that tackle both on and off road challenges. With that V-shaped bite, they dig into the road like a hungry hound providing a grip that’s tough to beat.

So lastly, studded chains, studded chains are the hulk of traction. Well, this does give it off road dominance and the alloy composition and heat treatment process make it a beast on the terrain. Just remember, these studs are for Off-Road Heroes only. Don’t take them to the streets. You’ll be messing up the chains and you’ll be messing up the road.

So what’s right for your ride? Well, that depends on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it at. If you’re not sure. Give us a shout. Someone on the partner trucks team can set you up for even the nastiest of road conditions. There you have it. We’ve laid out the tire chain playbook like never before. From boomer to the rubber pensioners, we’ve told you the secrets that keep you confidently cruising on any road in any weather.

So whether you’re carving up the asphalt or venturing off the beaten path, armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to conquer any traction challenge that comes your way. Keep those wheels turning, whether they’re chained or not. And stay tuned for more content like this from parts for trucks.