Everything You Need to Know about Truck Blowers

By: Megan B

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What is a truck blower?

Once upon a time, we would have to rely on manual labour for loading and unloading bulk materials for otherwise strenuous jobs within various industries, such as agriculture, construction, and transportation.  

Now, we have the truck blower to make these jobs much easier. 

Truck blowers are devices mounted onto a truck or trailer and are designed to unload or transfer bulk materials using a combination of air pressure and suction to move the material through hoses. 

As mentioned, truck blowers are commonly used in industries that require the rapid and controlled transfer or bulk materials, such as ones listed above. Some common bulk materials are grains, cement, flour, chemicals, or food-grade liquids.

What are the differences between dry and liquid bulk transfer systems?

Aside from the obvious of the different materials handled between a dry and liquid bulk dryer, there are a couple of key differences between how they work. 

Firstly, dry bulk blowers use air compression to create a high-volume, low-pressure airflow that moves the dry materials through a pipeline system. 

Compare this to the liquid bulk blowers, which instead rely on a positive displacement pump or other mechanisms to transport bulk through its pipelines. The positive displacement pump traps a fixed amount of fluid and provides a constant flow that’s suitable for pumping liquids or semi- liquids. The type of pump used depends on the requirements and properties of the liquid being transported, including viscosity, flow rates, pressure conditions, and other specific needs. 

What should I consider when looking for a dry/liquid bulk transfer system?

What you want to look for will largely depend on your needs, as well as whether or not you’ll be transporting dry or liquid bulk. 

Flow Rate and Capacity

 Determine the flow rate and capacity for your application. This requires an understanding of the volume of material you need transported within a certain period of time.

Pressure Requirements

Some materials, especially liquids, may require specific pressure conditions for optimal transport. Choose a blower system that can provide the necessary pressure levels without compromising safety or efficiency.

Construction Materials

For liquid bulk blowers, select materials that are compatible with the properties of the transported liquid. Consider factors such as corrosion resistance, sanitary requirements (for food-grade materials), and durability.

Sealing and Containment

Ensure that the blower system has effective sealing mechanisms, especially for liquid bulk applications. Proper seals and containment features are crucial to prevent leaks, spills, and contamination.

Regulatory Compliance

 Be aware of any industry or regulatory standards that apply to your application. Ensure that the chosen blower system complies with relevant safety, environmental, and operational standards.

Maintenance and Accessibility

 Evaluate the ease of maintenance and accessibility of key components. Choose a blower system that allows for straightforward maintenance procedures and provides easy access to critical parts for inspection and repairs.

Energy Efficiency

 Consider the energy efficiency of the blower system. Look for features such as variable speed drives or other energy-saving technologies that can help optimize energy consumption.

Budgetary Constraints

 Consider your budget constraints and choose a blower system that offers the best balance of performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for your specific needs.

Supplier Reputation and Support

Choose a reputable supplier with a track record of providing reliable and durable equipment. Consider the availability of technical support, spare parts, and after-sales services.

Keeping all these factors in mind can aid in making an informed decision that works best for your needs. 

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