Parts for Trucks Newest Shop: Calgary Trailer Shop

By: Megan B 

Hot on the heels of the Calgary main shop rebrand competition, on December 15th, the Calgary trailer shop is now officially a Parts for Trucks.

When space constraints and customer demand outgrew the facility capabilities of the main store, John Bzeta decided to get a dedicated trailer facility. He found a location that was in close proximity to the main store for ease of access to parts, ability of transferring technicians and thus, the Calgary trailer shop was born.

Even to this day, this location is sometimes referred to as ‘Shop 3’ by longtime customers and employees, as there are two different buildings on our main shop location.

Specializing in Trailer repairs, our Calgary trailer shop has two dedicated body bays, as well as body technicians who can do anything from single panel replacement to rollovers to cutdowns.

Beyond that, the shop has eight full bays and three half bays for converters and electric brakes. Its service staff consists of nine licensed technicians, and one red seal welder. This shop also specializes in electric brake units, a service that is not always provided by other heavy duty shops.