Parts for Trucks Take Alberta by Storm

By: Leigh M

closeup of a dumbstruck from a side on perspective

It’s been a busy few weeks at Parts for Trucks as we’ve started hanging signs up at our locations in Alberta (and BC). Let’s recap exactly what’s been happening and where!

First, we look to Calgary – both our main location and trailer shop recently dawned the Parts for Trucks logo for the first time. The teams there are excited for the changes and are as eager as ever to service the bustling Calgary market!

Next, we head north to Red Deer, who – if we might say so ourselves – looks great in teal and red. The Red Deer facility is a powerhouse in the area; on site, we provide specialized services such as alignments, framework, axles, slides, frame stretches, welding, and suspension & brake repairs. Our facilities are top-notch, featuring 10 service bays, two alignment bays, one frame-straightening bay, and a welding bay. Swing by today and let our team of five service technicians and seven apprentices swiftly get you back on the road!

Going even further north, you’ll find Parts for Trucks Edmonton and Parts for Trucks Acheson. Both these locations have been serving Edmonton for years under the Fleet Brake banner and will continue to do so now that they are Parts for Trucks. They both boast a parts and service department and are backed by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts Edmonton has to offer.

If you’re near the Alberta & United States border, then Lethbridge is the Parts for Trucks for you. Need Parts? Lethbridge can help. Service? Also Lethbridge. Friendly and knowledgeable staff? You guessed it – Parts for Trucks Lethbridge.

Cross the provincial border into British Columbia, and you’ll find Parts for Trucks Penticton. It may be our only British Columbia location, but they are critical to the success of the industry there. Small but mighty, the store may be tucked away at the back of a building, but the business the team does from there is second to none.  

If you’re looking to align your business with a trusted partner in the Canadian Trucking Industry with locations across both Alberta and Canada, then pay us a visit. You won’t be disappointed.