Smooth Ride Guaranteed: The Secrets to Resolving Vibrating Driveshafts

By: Parts for Trucks 

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You have installed a high-quality driveshaft assembly. The system is lubricated and ready to go. But when you take the rig for a test drive, the driveshaft vibrates like an electric toothbrush and hums better than Willie Nelson. What is wrong? 

Vehicle driveshafts rotate at a higher rate of speed than the wheels — often three to four times the speed. Just like the tires, driveshafts need to be dynamically balanced for proper operation.

Any time you build or rework a driveshaft, make sure it is balanced according to the OEM component manufacturer’s specs.

Understanding driveshaft RPMs, critical speed, balancing requirements, and operating angles can save you time and frustration. But there remains much to know about the proper selection, installation and maintenance of today’s driveshafts. Parts for Trucks has the technical knowledge and most modern equipment available to solve all your driveline problems.