There’s Snow Time Like The Present: Learning the Differences Between Straight And V-Blade Plows

By: Megan B 

It’s September – kids are going back to school, the morning air has an extra bit of bite to it, and something’s lurking right around the corner: snow.

Before that fluffy white stuff begins to hit to ground, it’s a good idea to get thinking good and early about snow-clearing options for you and getting your rig set up. Whether you may be new to snow plowing and wondering what’s best for you or a seasoned vet who’s thinking of reassessing your rig or trading up, we wanted to walk you through what the main differences are between the most common types of snowplows: straight blades and V-blades.

Straight Blade Plows

First of all, we’ll touch one of the biggest factors when deciding your setup: cost. Money plays a big role in choosing what to go with, whether you’re just starting a new business or you’re just looking to save some money where you can. As far as costs go, straight blades are typically more inexpensive than v-blades. Moreover, because straight blades typically have fewer moving parts than v-blades, that means less to repair, potentially saving you money in the long run.

If you’re new to plowing and are still learning the controls, the straight bladed plows also have the added bonus of having simpler controls.

It’s also important what kind of jobs you’re going to be doing and how much snow you’re dealing with. If you’re just going to be covering driveways with few obstacles or clearing roads for a municipality, then the straight blade will treat you just fine. Additionally, if the area you’re working in receives less snowfall – maybe about two to three storms a year – the straight blade is the right choice.

V-Bladed Plows

Of course, the v-bladed plow is more expensive and has more parts that could potentially need repair, but it makes up for that in a multitude of ways.

The v-blade, with all it’s controls and functions, offers versatility. It offers the best of both worlds, operating as a straight blade when needed, and then shifting into a V when things get really serious. This makes it the ultimate plow for the driver doing a little bit of everything.

The v-bladed plow shines when put to the test against snow in areas with lots of obstacles, like parking lots. It’s also great at scooping and packing snow.

It can pack a punch when it comes to heavy slow, breaking through snow drifts of 6 inches or more with ease. So, if you work in an area that typically sees multiple heavy snowfall events – more than a foot of snow – in a year, the v-blade is the plow for you.

Other options?

There are, of course, lots of different types of plows. For example, if you’re trying to clear large parking lots and are looking to clear the area in fewer passes, you may want to look into getting a winged plow, which carries more snow.

Whatever your need, we have the right tools for you – from snowplows to spreaders to everything in between, our supply of premium Fisher products will have you tackling winter with style and confidence.